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This page links to recent shorter recordings, each Thursday new recordings are added.

Please be advised that some of the noises that can be heard are disturbing.

We have not listened to all of the recordings, by clicking the link you conform that you are over 18 years of age and understand the nature of these recordings.

The recordings are on two platforms SoundCloud and YouTube. I am still uploading to YouTube but the first recording is very clear. YouTube links:

The following can be downloaded directly from this site:

Motorbike followed by a female voice saying Oh no

Motorbike followed by a scream aagghhh

Motorbike followed by a door opening

A Motorbike approaches and then passes more or less directly under my microphone

A Female voice

A Motorbike followed by screaming

Screams followed by a Motorbike

The Motorbike starting up

The Motorbike

Motorbike 2

Motorbike 4

Motorbike 6

Motorbike 8

Motorbike 12

There will be more on YouTube over the next few days, if you sign up for a free
SoundCloud account you can listen to all the recordings that we have put up so far (around 100).

If you visit my early site that are many more recordings there. (clickable link)