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We STRONGLY believe people are imprisioned underground against their will,

Automated machines can be heard running around the clock.

Women and Children can be heard screaming, Men can be heard shouting,

These sounds are coming from underneath the ground.

~ ~ PROOF SO FAR ~ ~

An independent sound engineer describes the underground chambers are states that a young child and a woman can be heard in the recordings (1 minute 34 seconds).

Click here for the email from an Independant Sound Engineer

A recording where a Lady in distress saying (8 seconds).

"Why Gary, why? The Babies died"

A recording of people underground, the name Gary is mentioned (2 minutes 45 seconds).

Click here for the recording

In some of the recordings a Womans voice can be heard saying why. (1 second).

Click here for the recording

Proof of an automated machine making a noise every hour around the clock.

Click here

There are eight recordings that make a 34 hour round the clock recording. In these recordings the machine can be heard every hour, around the clock, for a thirty four hour period.

Click here for the eight recordings and a pdf showing what is on the recordings

May 22nd 2019 ~ An Interview that was played on an English podcast

"This Thursday evening on the HPANWO Show: Alan Tait, a man from Ammanford in South Wales who, along with his wife Christine, has been forced to leave his home because of strange and alarming goings on.

This includes horrifying noises coming from the house next door and the toxic chemicals being washed into the drain".

Click here for the interview

August 22nd 2019 ~ An Interview that was played on an American podcast titled "Welsh Horror House".

The hosts Mike and Tracie Mc Guire discuss our recordings and play an extract that describes the "Mc Martin case", a case investigated by Special Agent Ted Gunderson, in the United States of America. After playing some of the recordings the podcast mentions that "the Police are looking the other way",

In that case tunnels were found that were nine feet wide that travelled underneath (45 minutes).

During the podcast a Mr Mark Vernon is mentioned, Mr Vernon went to the property and he says that the voices he can hear are those of real people, but he can not find out where the voices are coming from.

Click here for the podcast

A petiton was started on Change.org. The Petition asked the supporters to only sign the petition if, after listening to the recordings, they thought a proper investigation into what has been discovered should take place.

The petition has over 275 supporters, the link is a selection of their comments (12 minutes 27 seconds).

The comments of some of our supporters on Change.org.

The petition itself is at:

Click here for the petition

A supporter visited the property and took samples of the carpet and tested them using a drugs tester
(3 minutes 35 seconds).

Click here for the positive drugs test result

We bought a forensic testing kit, here are the results we obtained:

Click here for our original tests

A supporter went to the property and indepentently investigated our claims
(1 minute 47 seconds).

Click here for the investigation

The highest form of proof is

Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

(2 minutes 45 seconds)

Proof Alan Tait is telling the Truth.

Comments appeared on Reddit that suggested that the bleeping sounds that can reguraly be heard in the recordings were eiather a lorry reversing, a smoke alarm or the noise of the barriers at Ammanford bus station.

The bleeping noise in the recordings have been compared with the other sounds and proven to be different.

The bleeping noise compared (1 minute 30 seconds).

A report into the original suspicions was made by PC Tom Draycott.

This is what is wrong with PC Tom Draycott's report