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Popular recordings

“Why Gary, Why? The Babies died”

In this recording a Woman is in distress, she says "Why Gary, Why? The Babies died".

Its only 7 seconds long but be warned, it is disturbing.

"Why Gary Why? The Babies died. Swallow".

A supporter said he thought he could hear a man’s voice at the end of the recording saying “Swallow”.

He enhanced the recordings, and then looped the sound three times to make it easier to hear

Please be advised, it is even more disturbing.

"5 hours underground"

A 5 hour recording with a mixture of content.


“Proof” is a short recording made between Christine Tait and one of her supporters.

The supporter tells you what she has heard, an automated machine running every hour, around the clock.

"Proof - 1 hour between each flushing noise"

"Proof 1 hour between each flushing noise” is a 5 hour recording.

In it the automated machine can be heard flushing every hour, proving it is not a toilet,
washing machine, air conditioning unit or dehumidifier.

"Proof - 1 hour between each flush + Canary or Wren?

"Proof - 1 hour between each flush + Canary or Wren?” is a 5 hour recording, again the flushing noises can be heard but a single bird can also be heard on the recording.

Eight recordings covering a 34 hour period that prove that there is an automated machine running.

The first of 8 recordings.

A worksheet showing the timings of the recordings and what we have discovered so far can be downloaded by clicking here

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