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The recordings made mostly in our basement


We were working late, it was around 2 pm in the morning.

We could here noises coming from next door which, until recently, was a derelict building.

We recorded the noises, when we played the noises back we were surprised at what we heard.

This started in early July 2018, on the 30th July 2018 we left the property after chemical gas entered the building.

We think it was a deliberate attempt to kill us, yet the Police did nothing.

We have now proved that an automated machine is running around the clock, here are some of the recordings

Motorbike and aagggghhh

When the trapdoor is open the motorbike can be clearly heard

A female voice says oh no

A Lady, clearly in distress, asks "Why Gary, Why? The babies died"

5 hours underground

Some of the comments that people have made on Change.org

Untitled short recording

The motorbike passes directly under the microphone

Another untitled short recording

A short recording of the motorbike underground

Another short untitled recording

Proof of the automated machine running

Our previous internet Radio shows