Proof that there is actually an automated machine running

We had a break through when we realised that if an automated machine was running underground the noises would be regular, and they are regular.

Although it has taken a while to work out the obvious, the same will probably hold true about the beeping noises we have heard.

It might also hold true that the screaming we have heard has a pattern to it as well, the times the motorbike comes and goes, all of these timings will develop into patterns that, in all likely hood, exist on the numerous recordings that we already have.

We are working on these new theories now.

Proof that an automated machine exists underneath the ground at 20 College Street, Ammanford, SA18 3AF, was discussed between Christine and one of our supporters.

They met up and decided to make a short YouTube video in which the supporter explains what she has heard, this recording is around two and a half minutes long.

Click here for the recording

I that video they mention eight recordings that when put together, cover a 34 hour period.

We have now put up all eight recordings onto YouTube, together they combine to make a thirty-four hour recording in which the flushing noise that the automated machine makes, can be heard every hour.

There are other noises on these recordings to, including audio.

The PDF is on the Van Fogey website, the pdf shows you the timings of the various noises.

Its at Click here for the pdf

The eight recordings are numbered one to eight, here are the links:

Recording 1 Click here for recording 1

Recording 2 Click here for recording 2

Recording 3 Click here for recording 3

Recording 4 Click here for recording 4

Recording 5 Click here for reording 5

Recording 6 Click here for recording 6

Recording 7 Click here for recording 7

Recording 8 Click here for recording 8