20 College Street, Ammanford, SA18 3AF

We bought the property back in 2007 in had been extensively damaged in a fire.

We bought in a property auction run by R H Seel and Co.

These pictures are from our photo album.

The fire started even though one of the shop owners had contacted the council about her concerns.

The article is titled "Arson Attack Predicted by office owners family", click here to read the article.

The plaque reads "On this site September 5th 1782, Nothing happened".

On Friday 13th July 2019 something did happen, I was the claimant in a small claim that I bought against the owners of 22 College Street. There was no counterclaim. My claim was dismissed, the case went on all through out the day, and ended with the Judge awarding my neighbours "a right to pass and repass" over the alleyway.

During the summing up, the Judge and one of my neighbours, sat there knodding at each other.

The order also stated that I had to remove every obsticle and obstruction. After I made sure the alleyway was completely cleared, fitted a digital lock to the door, and gave my neighbours the key code, my next door neighbours went back to Court.

One of my neighbours and another man sat outside the Court and one said to the other

Do you know this Judge? (clickable link to audio)

During the day of the trial, one of my neighbours says to the Judge "(Christian name) has gone out to put money on the car. The Judge replied "yes ,I know", but how could he know unless they were together?

The transcript of the civil case can be read by clicking here

On that day my neighbours applied for a penel notice to commit me to prison if I did not remove the door and the frame.

When the penal order was in place, they told me they did not consider I had complied with the order, and told me to remocve the old plinth that the door sat on and to remove the two lights that lit the alleyway because "they were an obstruction".



We replaced all the old chipboard floors with glued and screwed plywood. When we did we noticed that eight perfectly round holes the size of a tennis ball had be cut into the insultation that sat between the ceiling of Sophia nails and the flat above.