The Substances we found (scroll down for photos)

When we were at 20 College street we used to take the big bags from Sophia nails to the refuge centre.

We have done if for ages, if we were there we would take their rubbish with ours.

We have always enjoyed friendly relationships with our Vietnamese neighbours, we have quite often chatted, we enjoyed such a good relationship with them that we let them borrow our van and tools from time to time.

If we were there at Christmas we would always exchange gifts.

Onr time, I picked up their rubbish with mine and noticed their trade waste bin was over flowing, I thought that I would do then a favour and took that too.

If rubbish is left in the alleyway for too long it starts to smell and their trade waste bag always smelt heavily of acetone.

It would of course, I am told acetone is what is used to remove nail polish.

The following day when I saw my neighbours they were angry, I think it would be fair to say very angry.

They told me not to take their rubbish again.

I was surprised, I had never seen them like this before, I thought I had done them a favour.

When I was at the refuge tip the trade bag had split, something caught me in the side of the leg.

I looked down and could see five plastic bags of liquid, all had been carefully wrapped, that seemed unusual to me, who wraps their rubbish up before throwing it away?

There were also five bars, each bar had a large leaf wrapped around it, the green shell of the bar looked like crushed organic material, when I looked closely I could see seeds in the material.

I thought it was suspicious so I put it to one side.

I showed in to the Police in Barry (although there is no mention of this in the Police report relating to this incidents), the Police officer told me that he was of the opinion that this was soap, and I should through it away.

I tested it, it did not lather, I cut it open and inside there was a yellow substances.

When first cut open the yellow substance seems to glow and is bright.

It emitted an almost odourless gas, the gas has the effect of making your eyes water, your throat burn and effects breathing.

I bought a forensic testing kit and tested the material in the bars, the results are shown in these pictures.

I also tested material that I trapped in steel wool, I was suspicious of noises coming from what was a semi derelict house next door at 22 College Street, so late in the evening I pushed steel wool in to the drain to clean it.

I then put another piece of steel wool into the drain to catch anything that came from the drain overnight.

The house was empty, there were no lights on.

I recovered the steel wool early in the morning the following day, on the steel wool was a brown fatty substance.