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Jeffrey Epstein and the Wales Horror House

Jeffery Epstein’s name has come up in several podcasts and online articles that link Mr Epstein to the “Wales Horror House”, and an underground network of tunnels.

The “Wales Horror House” was the title given to a podcast hosted by Michael and Tracie McGuire, a New Jersey podcast in the United States of America.

It was published on 23rd August 2019.

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In the podcast Mike McGuire explains why he believes that the “Wales Horror House” story is true and how he believes it to be connected.

He also refers to former FBI chief Ted Gunderson and Mr Gunderson’s private investigation into the Mc Martin preschool case that rocked the USA when Mr Gunderson found tunnels that ran from the school.

Jeffrey Epstein was the main subject in a podcast hosted by Mr Ben Emlyn-Jones, an Oxford based podcast in the United Kingdom, in the show Ben also made reference to the same house and Jeffrey Epstein.

That show was published on 22nd August 2019.

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Previously to the last link, Mr Emlyn-Jones had also mentioned Ted Gunderson in an interview that he hosted with Alan Tait.

Reference has also been made to the Welsh village was taken over by Satanic cultists who donned secret tattoos as their leader brainwashed and then raped children.

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Kidwelly is just 20 miles from the “Wales Horror House”.

Alan and Christine Tait are the owners of the “Wales Horror House” and have been working hard for the last 14 months to bring awareness to what has been happening.

They have build what the call a media centre and although not yet finished, they have put up many photos and recordings into the public domain.

This means that you can use them in any article free of charge and without permission.

Link to the Media Centre

If you feel you still want permission or want to talk to Alan Tait personally, his email address is

Here are two short recordings (around ten seconds each) that might help you understand why we are all so concerned about this.

Why Gary, why? The babies died recording

A supporter thought they could hear a mans voice at the end of this recording, he amplified the end of the recording and then looped the sound three times.

Why Gary, why? The babies died - Swallow recording

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Susie Smith "Jeffrey Epstein and the Wales Horror House" article 24th August 2019