Here are a few things we have discovered along the way.

1. The Leasehold Owner of the Vietnamese run nail bar known as Sophia Nails at 20 College Street, is convicted criminal Tring Thanh Tran.

She was convicted on 27th September 2019 for her part in 15 cannabis factories, the investigation led to the detection of more than 30 further factories and storage facilities across Wales.

I could not find any mention of Tring Thanh Tran when the charges were first made in the newspapers.

Tring Thanh Tran does she appear in the picture that South Wales Police provided showing the members of the gang that were convicted.

Tring Thanh Tran was the only member of the gang to get a suspended sentence.

You can read about the Police operation, known as Operation Panama, in the following news articles.

Vietnamese gang leaders jailed over £6m cannabis haul

Drugs gang from Vietnam jailed after flooding the Valleys with £6m worth of cannabis

2. During the investigation it was found that the

Police interpreter was in pay of Vietnamese drugs gang

so she was jailed too.

3. A Vietnamese man named Viet Nguyen ran a Nail bar in Bath and was jailed for Modern Day Slaver Offences.

You can read about him in the following news articles.

Trio who used trafficked girls to work in nail bars jailed under slavery laws

Nail bar traffickers jailed for modern slavery offences

Someone named Viet Nguyen left the following review for Sophia Nails in Ammanford.

4. Convicted criminal Mustafa Binboga who was convicted in Turkey of rape at gun point and child molestation.

Mr Mustafa Binboga ran what was the Southern fried Chicken shop , next door to Sophia Nails at 18 College Street, Ammanford.

You can read about him in the following news articles.

The Rapist who ran the Ammanford takeaway

Foreign fiend given UK passport

The news articles state that Mr Binboga was to be deported back to Turkey to complete his 12 year plus sentence.

The news artice also sad Mr Binboga’s address was in Stamford Hill in London and that he would now be 57 years of age.

There is a Mr Mustafa Binboga who is 57 years of age who lives in Stamford Hill in London, he is the director of two companies.

One of those companies was incorporated in May 2014, which just goes to prove it could not be the same person as the other Mr Mustafa Binboga would still be detained in prison in Turkey.

You can see the other Mr Mustafa Binboga mentioned on the companies house website (which is in the public domain)

Click here for the link to Companies house and Director, Mr Mustafa Binboga