The Automated machines

The automated machines can be heard more frequently in the recordings up to July 2019.

We are of the opinion that we have heard three, maybe four, that have the beeping sounds.

One was reasonably close by the others were in the distance.

Click here to listen to a short five second recording

Another machine that sounds like a printing press has also been heard overnight.

We first noticed a flushing noise after hearing an odd noise coming from the drain of the house next door in the early hours of the morning.

The property was semi derelict and all the lights were out.

After making quite a few recordings it seemed the noises were coming from underneath the floor of the basement of our house.

We made many more recordings and then we released that the flushing noises could be heard every hour around the clock day or night.

There are 8 recordings on YouTube that cover a long period, the machine can be heard flushing every hour.

There is a pdf that accompanies these recordings.

Click here for the PDF and the 8 recordings