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All the recordings that we made in our basement during 2018 and 2019 can be found by following this link. Please be advised,

some of the noises that can be heard are disturbing.

We have not listened to all of the recordings, by clicking the link you conform that you are over 18 years of age and understand the nature of these recordings.

At first we published all the recordings to SoundCloud, the link is below.

We have realised that this was a mistake though and are now publishing all future recordings and podcasts on YouTube.

A 5 hour recording (clickable link)

This recording is unusual, in most of the recordings we have a 5 hour recording will produce around 10 minitues of content.

In this one its as if a door has been left open accidentially, there are four different screams, machine sounds, a motorbike comes and goes and what sounds like a police siren can be heard.

In most places the audio is fient but there is some fairly clear audio.

I placed the microphone where I though there is a staircase leading to a tunnel.

If you listen to the motorbike at the end of this recording you might think I am right.